Looprevil Radio is Liverpool John Moores University’s and Liverpool Student Union’s student led radio station.

Looprevil Radio is the station of Liverpool John Moores University that offers an alternative approach to radio, one where the presenters aren’t crippled by an A-C list, where anything from pop to ska to death metal can get played in the same day. We’re a station that loves playing and talking about music and our passion for it is what drives our station forward, not advertising or the flavour of the month.

Since its original launch, Looprevil Radio has progressed from being just a studio of unused equipment to a fully functioning radio station, where today we have a full 5 day timetable from 9am-9pm. The society was shortlisted for the Best New Society award in the 2011 LSU Loves You Awards. ‘Looprevil’ is quite simply Liverpool spelt backwards, playing on the Looprevil brand tagline “Bringing you the other side of Liverpool”. So, if you’re looking for something a bit different out of a radio station then make sure to listen to Looprevil Radio. With what is on offer, there is a show out there for everyone.

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